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Together we uplift a frequency of love, light, happiness


VORTEX OF ENERGY MEDITATION & ACTIVATION ~ Mindful Resonance  The Vortex of Energy Meditation, and activation is a practice that is supporting people to find more balance, and to enhance their magnetism. A way to rekindle spiritual essence within our everyday life. We are all spiritual beings having a human experience. Sometimes we feel a [...]

Together we uplift a frequency of love, light, happiness2019-05-20T17:27:24+00:00

Experience a state of peace and balance


Before the practice of the vortex of energy Meditation, I felt irritated and impatient. I was not in the mood to practice such a slow, gentle modality thinking that it would be best to go for a run and to take out all these heavy emotions. Though, I gave it a try. Through the movement, [...]

Experience a state of peace and balance2019-01-30T23:27:28+00:00

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