The Vortex of Energy Meditation classes are offered regularly by certified Facilitators in Florida, Switzerland, Texas and Hawaii.

Classes are offered in private and in group. Usually 75minutes including a time for clarification of intention, attunment with the energy of the space and moon cycle, VoE Meditation, time for integration.

If you don’t find a class near you feel free to contact us. We will do our best to accommodate you with a guidance online or in person at a time and location that will best suit you.

The practices are aligned with Your Intention, the Moon Cycles, your location and with the seasons.

For more clarity we highly suggest you to read the book “Mindful Resonance”  (translated in French: “La Voie de la Resonance”).

A clear attunement leads to attract abundance and the manifestation of your vision, intention.

To learn about the Vortex of Energy Meditation, classes and trainings: click here to schedule a 15min. live introduction

or contact:

Click here to watch a VoE Meditation practice on YouTube


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