Counter-acting the effect of wifi, 4g and 5g


We are all affected by the wireless radiations that are now getting stronger and stronger with 4g and 5g.

When the microwave and wireless connections came up in the market many people were aware of their effect on their health.

In Switzerland we were careful not to have wireless access in some of the rooms of the children. Also, with the years many people took off the microwaves from their kitchen to change for healthier options.

When I took my first Qigong classes in Bienne, Switzerland in 1992 I experienced a profound strength within me that was not coming from only a physical space. I discovered the sensation of the vital energy.

It is also this energy that we channel when we work on the ether element for healing and provide magnetic healing to people.

The Vortex Meditation is a practice that supports healing, cleansing of your magnetic field as well as your