New Moon Vortex Ceremony w/Aura

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We invite you this Saturday for an insightful New Moon Vortex Ceremony. Symbol of new beginnings, enlightening the path in the frequency of your Intention.

You will be receiving the guidance by Aura Reyes, who is following her Vortex Facilitator Training and internship with dedication. She is leading the ceremony at Morning Side Park.

Contact us at: +1-786-301-7324

The ceremony consist of a moment of introspection and connection to the five elements of nature around us, and within us.

Participants have experienced..

– profound healing (ptsd, chronic pain, … )

– clarification of their path

– release of stress

– empowerment

– bliss

– ..

We will setup an intention and then practice the Vortex of Energy Meditation for balance and alignment in all seven tonalities (ref. book: “Mindful Resonance”).

It is a moving meditation integrating wisdom of vortex, qigong, medicine wheel and quantum physic, with soundhealing crystal bowl at the completion to support the integration.

We complete the cycle sharing insights and activating each others intention.


Christelle Chopard (Amarun)

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