Classes, Seminars, Vortex of Energy Meditation

The Vortex of Energy Meditation classes is offered by licensed DHARMI Method Facilitators in Florida, Switzerland, Texas, and Hawaii.

The practices are aligned with the Moon Cycles and with the Seasons. For more clarity, we highly suggest you read the book “Mindful Resonance” (translated in French: “La Voie de la Resonance”)_and to receive guidance through a Dharmic Immersion to support a clear alignment with your intention.

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A clear attunement leads to attract abundance and the manifestation of your vision, intention.

Vortex of Energy Meditation Yin
Vortex of Energy Meditation Yang

Here are videos with the presentation of the steps for a Vortex of Energy Meditation:

Waning Moon, last quarter

Video: Clearing Form of the VoE Meditation

New Moon

Video: Awakening, Renewal Form of the VoE Meditation

Waxing Moon, First quarter

Video: Expansion Form of the VoE Meditation

Full Moon

Video: Integration, Contentment Form of the VoE Meditation