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A career with purpose 🙂

Join the movement – healing and activating a positive frequency, elevating the intention of many for a better world!

The Vortex Meditation and DHARMI® Maps bring healing and support for self-development to all those who practice, and also brings a positive influence all around due to the activation of a light frequency.

Welcome to the tribe!

The Vortex of Energy Meditation Facilitator Training is a 5-Step Journey:

  1. Receive a first consultation with founder Christelle Chopard
  2. Agreement to honor the DHARMI® Institute Ethic Guidelines
  3. Completion of the Immersion A Journey of healing, self-discovery and manifestation
  4. Studies and Internship leading private and group classes with supervision
  5. Exam and Certification

What is included in the training:

  • Immersion – click here for details –
  • One:one coaching and guidance with founder Christelle Chopard (Amarun)
  • Access to online courses:
    • “Five Elements for wellbeing and happiness”
    • “GPS for your Life”
    • “Conscious Communication”
  • Trilogy 3 books:
    • Elements on the Journey
    • Mindful Resonance
    • Cycle of Evolution
  • Additional Teachings for self-study and online support along the journey:
    • Ethical Guidelines
    • Five Elements integration in the Meditation Practice: rhythm, tone of voice, ..
    • Sacred geometry
    • Altars, mandalas, medicine wheel and vision board
    • Quantum Field and Vortexes
  •  Internship:
    • Communication and invitations
    • Guidance 4 private classes and 8 group classes with supervision
    • Follow up to support your students through their journey with mindfulness, dedication and clarity
    • Reports
  • Exam, evaluation

Your benefits after completion:

  • Master the Vortex of Energy Meditation to support people to navigate life transitions with mindfulness, in a healing, compassionate, empowering way.
  • License for the 1st year with the use of logos, symbols, names, credentials
  • Your profile and programs are included in our events section on the website and social media
  • Vortex of Energy Meditation Facilitator
  • Receive 10% discount on our products and selection of services
  • Be part of a movement for the wellbeing of all beings and environment
  • 2 year License (which is going to be renewed every 2 years with continuing education)

Duration of the whole program:

  • between 3 and 6 months depending of your rhythm in moving through the studies and internship guiding other people for evaluation.

Value for the training:

  • U$ 3480  -> Your first one:one consultation is included as well as all the additional values mentioned above
  • We offer the option to pay the whole program in full at your registration. Or to do four monthly payments.

Schedule one:one with Christelle Chopard (founder) for evaluation and clarification of your intention, rhythm and program. We will accommodate a schedule and guidance that will best suit your needs and intention. Click here

Or contact us following this link for more information

Before enrolling in the Vortex of Energy MeditationFacilitator Training, students are required to have a first consultation one:one (in person or online) with founder Christelle Chopard for clarification and alignment. (click here for schedule)
Government requirements for consultants, life coach, self-development, meditation, .. vary internationally. If you are interested in guiding people through a Journey of self-development based on the DHARMI Method, five elements and vortex of energy professionally, you should first establish a good understanding of industry regulations in your region. For instance, in some countries, the government requires Facilitators to hold either a government regulated license or academic degree in a meditation or therapy related field, in addition to their Vortex of Energy Meditation Facilitator certification. It is the student’s responsibility to understand the regulations specific to the region they intend to teach in, and to meet the industry requirements established by the governing bodies of that region.