During the Waning Moon Cycle we focus on clearing the energy, releasing toxins, purification.

It is the time for healing.

Stress is the main cause of illnesses, depression, burn-outs, conflicts in relationships,..

People can learn tools to manage stress with mindfulness and clarity. We all pass through changes, it is part of our nature. When there is a resistance to change or a push that is too aggressive, the bio-energetic rhythm is disrupted. It is at that time that we can bring mindfulness and learn from the experience to observe the misalignment or transition process in the five bodies.

Physical, emotional pain, confusion, all stress affect and trigger the central and enteric nervous systems. An alarm resonates in the mind and in response mechanisms in our behaviors.

The Vortex of Energy Meditation is practiced in the opposite direction of the water currents to release the energy and to clear space.

In the northern hemisphere we move the vortex counterclockwise during the waning moon.

In the southern hemisphere we clear the vortex in a clockwise direction during waning moon.

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