Experience a state of peace and balance

Before the practice of the vortex of energy Meditation, I felt irritated and impatient.

I was not in the mood to practice such a slow, gentle modality thinking that it would be best to go for a run and to take out all these heavy emotions.

Though, I gave it a try.

Through the movement, I began to feel strong emotions moving through my body, with some warmth and even some tears falling along my cheeks. After a few minutes of practice, I began to feel more and more balance and ease.

It has been a twenty minutes of experience, moving through motions while channeling the emotions with my intention of peace and compassion.

At the completion, I felt peace and balance. It has been insightful to notice that I could channel my emotions and shift my state of being in a harmonious self-controlled way.

I feel revitalized and with clear mind.

In Gratitude,