Healing, Self-Discovery and Realization 

through a Lunar Cycle

28-Day Live Online Immersion

One Immersion ~ Mindfulness for a lifetime!

Summer-Autumn 2020 – Liberation 🙂 – click here for more details – 

28-Days with daily meditation, insights, teachings and journaling to clarify, nurture and manifest your vision. 

Join us for this opportunity to release obstacles and to unveil wonders.

A profound transformative journey where you will awaken your inner gifts and receive tools to manifest your intention.

This active meditation is based on Qigong, medicine wheel, shamanism and sacred geometry for healing, balance and revitalization.

It is a harmonious experience that leads people to reconnect with their true essence, releasing stress and accessing a blissful state of being.

It is a mindful practice based on intention. It supports the alignment of the chakras, the clearing and vitalization of your magnetic field, the balance and activation of your qi, prana, life force.

We are available in different time zone during this online experience to support your integration.

The program includes:

  • A month-long journey with weekly guidance and teachings to support healing, transformation, manifestation with the mapping methodology (online or in person). The sessions are live with Founder Christelle Chopard and VoE Meditation Facilitator, Giuliano Geronymo.
  • Weekly support one:one online for guidance and integration in between the live group classes
  • Clear tools for journaling with intention
  • Guidance to learn the steps and the forms of the Vortex of Energy Meditation
  • Learn to master this meditation practice so you can continue with regular routine after completion.
  • Access to online course
  • Book “Mindful Resonance”
  • Travel kit of five dharmic elements essential oils
  • Ultimate Elixir an organic product based on 25 super foods for detox, vitality and a boost to your immune system
  • Tribe membership for 1-year

Dates for Summer 2020 ->  13 June to 11 July

$1308 – Click here to register



  • With a regular practice some people have healed chronic ailments (UTI, PTSD, Back pain, Headache, ..).
  • Learn to create a routine for your wellbeing and balance that is aligned with your intention and that is easy to integrate in your everyday life.
  • Learn how to heal and active your personal vortex as well as in your space
  • Strengthen vitality, magnetic field, self-confidence
  • Learn to manage stress with more ease, compassion and direction
  • Find clarity of mind
  • Learn how to create your Vision Board, Mandala, Altar for visualization and manifestation
  • Balance the biorythm leading to healthier sleep patterns
  • Learn to journal with mindfulness
  • Align your frequency with your intention to experience the law of attraction
  • Balance your emotional body to nurture healthy relationships
  • Bring mindfulness in your everyday life
  • Practice the power of intention for abundance and manifestation in a natural and simple way
  • ..

It is a harmonious experience to reconnect with your true essence, releasing stress, awakening inner gifts and manifesting your intention.

The VoE Meditation supports the alignment of the chakras, the clearing of toxines and vitalization of your magnetic field; the balance and activation of your qi, prana, life force.

May your Journey be aligned with your intention and inspirations.

The program is held 4 times a year:

The weekly sessions are online, live with the founder Christelle Chopard, Amarun – or with a Vortex Meditation Facilitator who invited you to join the journey. You will implement the teachings and meditation practice in your daily routine (aprox. 45min/day) during the whole moon cycle. You will receive clear tools for journaling in a dharmic way.


We invite you to a transformative journey 🙂

Christelle Chopard (Amarun)


Phone:  +1-786-301-7324


The advantages of participating in the online immersion are many and include:

  • One Immersion, Mindfulness for a Lifetime
  • Self-mastery, self-development, receiving tools that you can use independently
  • Immediate integration of the DHARMI® Method and GPS in your daily life and routine
  • No additional flight, or hotel costs to travel to a retreat destination
  • Begin at any-time, no matter where you are, perhaps on a symbolic personal day
  • First-year membership to receive a monthly email with clear instructions on the days for meditation and alignment. We take into consideration life’s principles, moon cycles, season, as well as the location you will be at the moment of your practice.

The IMMERSION is a Personalized Live Online Program.


You will learn the following tools:

  • A self-led daily meditation practice for balance and clarity
  • The weekly Vortex of Energy Meditation, aligned with the Moon Cycles for healing, alignment, strengthening and protection of your magnetic field.
  • Reflection and journaling based on Nature’s Principles for clarity, alignment, and manifestation along Your Journey
  • Clarification and application of the mapping and meditative process_ to navigate life transitions and to tune in a clear frequency, honoring the law of attraction.

The purpose of the immersion and the DHARMI Method is to guide and to support people on their own true path, towards balance, connection and abundance.

Location: If you are not near one of our Facilitators, you can participate remotely.  We offer guidance online at a time that is convenient for you during the dates of the Immersion.


Click here to schedule an online consultation with a Facilitator – for information