Join our growing community as we balance our lifestyle honoring the 5 elements of nature, lunar cycles, yogic philosophy.

We create the bridge between our inner balance and our environment. We take leadership to support balance around us. We are  guardians of the earth, honoring healthy values with the people, the minerals, the animals, the earth.

We are all together! 🙂

Join us to our next Global Vortex Meditation: a monthly free meditation done monthly at the FullMoon

Join us to a “Cycle of impermanence and creativity.” A 28-day journey of healing and realization

When we practice the activation form of the Vortex of Energy the alignment in the quantum field shift our frequency in living the new reality we choose to tune in. We program all seven tonalities and five elements for an integrative experience. (Mindful Resonance)

Our perspective becomes more clearly aligned with our intention. When our perspective changes, our life changes.

In this practice we become more creative, pro-active and we take leadership towards the manifestation of our vision, inspiration and intention in a tangible and practical way.

The vortex creates a bridge between our inspirations and our manifestations. It releases blockages, it strengthens the interconnectedness between mind and action.

Many people who had a tendency to procrastinate became pro-active on their projects after this practice. Some people who experienced resistance from others noticed that actually their own reconnection and empowerment released those blockages leading to new manifestations along their journey.

DHARMI® METHOD, GPS for your Life. We consider the vital elements for the development of your project, including:

  • Set up of your Intention (the Ether Element)
  • Clarifying your vision and reflection (the Air Element).
  • Identifying your motivations, main potentials, gifts, and mission (the Fire Element).
  • Considering healthy values and relationships (the Water Element).
  • Finding the resources, creating a clear structure, and building the foundation for our vision to manifest with abundance and prosperity (the Earth Element).
  • Building up emotional capital and relationships that support the creation (Water)
  • Leadership, confidence, and expression with clear image and roles for it to shine (Fire)
  • Communication to the right target, clear direction (Air)

The Dharmic Guidance leads you through clear steps to manifest your vision. You may pass through the steps multiple times in different times of the project development.

When you create a team, we focus on a healthy positive complementarity in between each individuals as well as the alignment with your vision, values and project.

Everyone are part of the puzzle joining their strengths and potentials to create a higher vision or purpose.

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How can we manifest anything if we lack resources (Earth), or inspiration (Air), or emotional support (Water), or confidence (Fire)?

If they really are lacking around us, we may access some of those essential forces through visualization and activation in the Vortex, and then find the ways to manifest in a practical way, in a lower dimension. We may also be creative and look for them in nature and in our environment, making it possible to access those essential resources.

As we choose to honor healthy values, we are not going to force something that is not yet ready to be, but is instead based on ego, greed or fear. Also, we are not enabling excuses and ego based on resistance, procrastination or patterns that hold us back.

Whether it is for business or any other project, we take in consideration the Five Elements to allow a holistic, harmonious process of manifestation.

This methodology supports the development of your vision with balance and integrity.