Edwin Vargas, professional triathlete in Colombia and Europe for 16 years in the Olympic cycle, with multiple titles in international events. It jumps to the Ironman distance where he classified to the World Championship of IronMan in Kona, Hawaii. Currently, ultradistance triathlete, first Colombian to conquer distance Ultraman in 2015 and ranked as #21 in the Ultraman World Championship in 2017.

Ultraman Distances

SWIM 10 km

BIKE 421 Km

RUN 85 kms

Today, he is the owner of Team Trainer Sports, a sports training company with more than 170 athletes, with headquarters in Miami and Colombia. Businessman and owner of the Ironman 70.3 Cartagena.

Through meditation and guidance based on the DHARMI® Method he found the way to channel his energies and focus on achieving his great challenges. It helps him to discover how the universe begins from the soul to alienate the being to take it to its maximum level, so much as physical, mental and energetic level.

Thanks to a dharmic guidance and meditations based on the methodology with Christelle, I understood that man can be deprived of everything, except the freedom of his soul, which allows him to reinvent himself to materialize his dreams.”

– Edwin Vargas Colombia & Miami, FL, USA 2015-2017
Owner of Team Trainer Sports,

I was going through a very difficult time in my life after losing a close family member.  I found myself overweight, low energy, depressed, and “locked up.” After my Dharmi journey, I found the key to “unlock”,  lost over 10lbs and found energy and enlightenment!

Love & Light,

– April Wilkinson  Dallas, Texas 2018
Inspired DHARMI Method Holistic Consultant

It is my opinion that the Dharmi experience is unique in its approach to the health and well being of not only the mind but also the body. I am an ER physician and internist and I highly recommend this discipline because of its focus on the positive evolving force of the individual!

– Eduardo M. Wilkinson Dallas, Texas 2016-2018

It was the calming heart enhancing environment at a friends home in Costa Rica that brought Christelle into focus, she’s a bright clear channel who radiates with a calm gracefully energy. I was mesmerized and  open for any insights or she was willing to share. So we started the private session at 5:55am

A moment each day that was already meaningful to me, with focus and care Christelle allowed me to navigate through my own current patterns of thought finding the base repetitive thought of “I don’t know” a story I had been telling myself into reality and then through her guidance shirts that old statement to “I believe!” We closed the session with prayers and ritual on a mountain top with endless possibilities and beauty as the view on the inner and outer landscapes, leaving me with a new belief practice and a dream like experience to share and reflect upon.

I belief my inner GPS will keep Christelle and I forever connected

————-in love & full of life—–

Nikki Breedlove

– Nikki Breedlove Uttah 2017
Fashion Industry & Healer

Things went surprisingly well, I was shocked.

Looking back I am still quite in awe of the fact that what once was such a difficult decision to make (I literally went back and forth endlessly) was so dramatically resolved within me once I participated in the Costa Rica DHARMI Retreat.

I had always wanted to treat myself to a yoga retreat, and was very drawn to Christelle after hearing her Life is a Dance video about Dharmi practice on YouTube. My intention for the retreat was to come to a decision I could stand by and make peace with. It may sound very simple as I just made a decision and commanded myself to stick with it, but I am one that really struggles with making major decisions that impact others. I was driving myself crazy with trying to make a decision that would bring the least pain to all when there was not a win-win option available.

My friends and my counselor were quite amazed at my new sense of peace, confidence and resolve with my decision. So, yes, I am quite in awe of how that all came together and how I might be able to incorporate that in other areas in my life. I just thought I should share that with you, Christelle. Thank you so much for being part of that, I am very grateful!

– Avra Weimer

Here are a few insights from my last session:

1. I now understand the fragile state of my energy and how receptive I am towards my own negative thoughts and others. Even saying negative connotations started to effect my aura. As much as I want to guide my friends through sobriety I must do it from a distance and not get involved emotionally into their issues.

2. I must start really using my energy from within and trusting this fire and motivation, just from the few self worthy acts I have completed made a huge difference with my confidence and self esteem. As long as I continue with the small acts they will help me down the road with larger goals.

We also did a few energy exercises, which really gave me knowledge and strength that I have control of my own energy and I can follow along with someone else’s without hindering my own.

Thank you again for all your help and teachings!!! I am so appreciative.

– Morgan Murphy

During the practice I felt a strong energy, and noticed an imbalance between the feminine and masculine aspect of myself. I noticed that the right and left sides of my brain began to balance through the flow of the practice. Since the workshop, I continued the practice daily, and notice more and more alignment every day with my intention, and the synchronicity around me in my life.

After seminar Vortex of Energy 2011

– Alvaro Posada

Throughout the course of a powerful, thoughtful and healing two-day Dharmi session, Christelle was able to guide me through the process of completely reconnecting with my inner self and identifying who I really am at my core.

This intricate dance involved moving into a space that allows me to feel much more open, light and at peace.

I am now truly connected to myself and empowered to connect both internally and externally from a meaningful and uninhibited place.

The difference this has made in my life and the lives of my children, husband, friends and co-workers is dramatic and tangible as our relationships have become much deeper, richer and that much more real.

– Wende Valentine
Director of Develoopment at Starfish One By One

Before embarking on my Dharmi connection coaching, I was struggling with nearly every aspect of life: finances, family life, creativity. I was totally out of the “flow.” After my first session with Christelle, it was like a door had opened.

Immediately I was back in the flow of synchronicity. Chance meetings with people, calls I was expecting, and other meaningful coincidences began to occur again. Interestingly enough, Christelle even uncovered a very clear, direct connection between the emotional challenges I was having and physical complaint I had expressed. I greatly look forward to what comes of this work with the Dharmi.

– Fernando Subirats

Christelle and the Dharmi institute help people focus and achieve their goals by gaining valuable insight into themselves and what is holding them back and what obstacles they need to overcome in order to achieve their dreams.

Christelle is a wonderful, insightful teacher who is caring, sensitive, knowledgable and dedicated in both her life coaching and yoga teachings. I highly recommend people to practice the map of transcendence, and benefit from their services!

– Meredith Weil
Health Coach

I met Christelle when I was 16, in our Swiss hometown. She already had an impact on me back then, introducing me to some different ways of approaching life. Two decades later, Christelle appeared in my life again, out of the blue, and at a time of major transition for me. She’s ever since been a dear friend who is always there to listen, ask the right questions and put clear words to some confusing concepts, like a light helping move through that darker alley my life journey had brought me to.

I decided to seek her professional help through her online coaching sessions when I realized that I needed a more in depth inquisition into the workings of my feelings, emotions and states in order to evolve towards clarity and serenity. Every week for 5 weeks, we met on Skype and, though at first I had my doubts about how it would all work, it was quickly clear that I felt increasingly better after each meeting. Her approach, and more importantly for me, her completely non-judgmental attitude, helped me open up to myself. I have learned a great deal over only 5 sessions, and I have acquired tools that help me deal with situations at work, at home and with friends and family.

I am grateful, and would absolutely recommend giving Dharmi a try should you feel stuck in your life, or needing to understand a little bit more about yourself to evolve in harmony.

– Nadia

Lors de la présentation du Vortex d’Energie, j’ai tout de suite été attirée par cette pratique.

En pratiquant tous les jours, j’ai ressenti une très forte énergie, un meilleur ancrage et une grande paix intérieure.

Jour après jour, je constate des changements, cela m’apporte une bonne énergie, un renforcement de la confiance en moi, mes peurs et angoisses ne sont plus qu’un mauvais souvenir.

Mon avenir apparait avec clarté et sérénité, mon cœur est rempli d’amour.

Mon quotidien est rempli de lumière et tout parait beaucoup plus simple et facile.

Ma vie a repris de la valeur, cela me procure de nouvelles opportunités de rencontre et un avenir riche en partage et connaissance sur mon chemin.

– Lydia Grosjean – Suisse Romande
Facilitator Vortex of Energy Meditation

I worked one on one with Christelle regularly for two years. In those years we did a lot of work together. Christelle is a rare jewel that you hold dear. Christelle has the ability to change lives and transform you for the betterment of the whole. I highly recommend her whole heartedly.

– Bruce Platt
Co-owner Jalan Jalan Collection Inc.

I met Christelle 2 years ago and she became my daughter’s mentor, she helps her go through the tough years of teenage. My daughter is more serein and asks to see Christelle on a regular basis because she really feels empowered and energized. Beside that, I participated to a seminar and it was for me an opportunity to comprehend Communication more in depth. It gave me not only confidence to launch my own business but also helps in my every day life. I love her new space that is totally adapted to a creative and inspiring practice.

– Virginie Jung
Professional Coach

Pre-Dharmi: As a pure novice, I fulfilled my dream of Yoga on SUP. Not only was I able to combine the beauty of the water (my love for all bodies of natural water) and a practice that I enjoy immensely (yoga), but I learned to enjoy creatures in the water that in the past I thought were only cheesy “things” that one finds in a souvenir store, i.e., starfish. It was a beautiful experience and made me more aware of my surroundings.

Individual Sessions thru Dharmi: Through my sessions, I learned more about me and feel like as a result, I evolved into an “enhanced” me. Whether it was thru mediation, yoga practice, or individual one-on-one talks, I was able to identify thru the process/paradigm designed by the founder of Dharmi my strengths vs. weaknesses (or hidden strengths that thru practice improved upon my perceived weaknesses and transformed them into strengths). The paradigm jumpstarted me so that everything from idea generation to implementation began to flow. Although I still work individually, with leaders in the field, and within the community, it is always a work in progress bc there is always something new to learn. I am now working from a place as a whole, healthy person. Learnings have provided healthy career choices, relationships, romance, strength in family, and love of nature; all of which I deeply value.

As a consequence of the above, it has been highly rewarding for me to be able to contribute my learnings and assist others in all aspects of life.

Group Session thru Dharmi: I participated in a couple groups and found it useful to incorporate these sessions. They provided greater perspective when listening to other people’s struggles and triumphs.

Of all the tools that I have added to the proverbial toolbox, I believe that the New Year’s Eve “The Clock” exercise proved to be the most revealing. Identifying both gaps and patterns have been life changing.

Grateful for the teacher, guidance and myself for all of the above; the learnings have definitely become part of my muscle memory and I continually apply them to my life in a way that I deem positive.

– C.K. 2014-2015

What I have gained from Dharmi coaching sessions:

I was introduced to the Dharmi coaching method by a fellow Dharmi coach/consultant. I have completed a coaching course a year ago and have been a personal trainer for about 5 years. The Dharmi method in my opinion is one of true transformation. A lot of coaching is based purely on goals, action and accountability. Which is fantastic but they don’t address underlying beliefs.

Dharmi to me is a completely different way of looking at situations, I have not experienced this method before. It looks deeper and asks you to find compassion for the “what” and the “why”. That is what makes Dharmi different. The meditations are amazing and the affirmations and anchors that were used were true break throughs for me.

The time of the session was so important being on the Friday night. By the time Monday morning came around I truly felt reborn. The most important thing that Dharmi has asked of me is to love myself. Truly it has been quite a while since I have loved myself.

Dharmi hasn’t been as goal driven as many other coaching methods but I have accomplished more and have more committed to my goals with this method.

Each of the sessions were penetrating and always broke through many layers and masks. I feel closer to my goals now than ever before.

I am very interested in knowing more about the institute and what it takes to become a coach/consultant also what other courses are available from the institute.

Thank you Christelle.

– M.G. Australia 2015